1dayonelife Archive

1dayonelife archive: This page is where profiles of people will be. Currently being worked on as part of the first volume, selected profiles will be shown, only as examples with custom approval, and after the first publication has been made available.

From all walks of life, from all over the world, these are stories are about individuals. Ordinary people with extraordinary stories. Creatives, professionals, every day working people who have done amazing things that no one knows about. From climbing mountains, to flying ancient planes, travelling the world, to working with desperate people, every one has a story thats unique as the next. It’s our job to capture it.

For those who purchase it, the material will be available through our mobile applications. Every few months there will be updates on the application of a new chapter version, so to continue subscriptions, every 6 months you’ll need to re-subscribe. Launch date will be in 2018. And remember 20% goes to a nominated charity.